Transport Support Carts

These carts are extremely useful for increasing portability and laboratory space.

All carts have anti-scuff casters including brakes and locks. Carts also feature a cushioning system that minimizes vibration, shocks, and wear and tear on chambers.

Most carts feature horizontal gas tank support racks which provide greater tank handling safety and flexibility.

  • NEW 800-CART/LIFT Adjustable Life Table for single station glove boxes
  • CART-802 - SS CART for 802-RPL
  • CART-ABC - SS CART for 830-ABC
  • CART-ABB - SS CART for 830-ABB
  • CART-ABD - SS CART for 830-ABD
  • CART-ABE - SS CART for 830-ABE
  • CART-CLC - SS CART for 870-CLC
  • CART-DT - SS CART for 805 - 806 Isolators (Double Tier)
  • CART-GB - SS CART for GB, NB, or AC Style Glove Box
  • CART-GBB - SS CART for GBB, NBB or ACB Style Glove Box