855 Series

Controlled Atmosphere / Anaerobic Chamber

Ideal for situations requiring low levels of oxygen during critical isolation of your research materials.


41"w x 28"d x 26"h
104cm x 71cm x 66cm
O.D. *: 
55"w x 35"d x 38"h
140cm x 89cm x 97cm
17.3 cu. ft.
489 L
Appx. Ship Weight: 
250 pounds
112.5 kilos
60"w x 38"d x 31"h
152cm x 97cm x 79cm
O.D. *: 
76"w x 47"d x 42"h
193cm x 119cm x 107cm
40.9 cu. ft.
1157 L
Appx. Ship Weight: 
300 pounds
135 kilos


  • Standard 24 month warranty (Not applicable for gloves and consumables)
  • Formed one piece clear acrylic top.
  • Self-sealing quick disconnects enable the operator to change the drying train without disturbing the internal atmosphere. Matched die molded thermoset white bottom.
  • Adjustable vacuum gauge on transfer chamber.
  • Two vacuum pressure pumps, one each for transfer chamber and drying train.
  • Four ground key cock valves for purging.
  • Drying train includes polycarbonate canisters containing DesiSphereTM.
  • Inner door on transfer chamber opens automatically when pressures are neutralized between main chamber and transfer chamber.
  • All controls are illuminated.
  • Transfer chamber is 12" long and 11" diameter (I.D.).
  • "Bright Light" system (40,000 hour lamp guarantee).
  • Electrical outlet strip; U.L. & C.S.A. approved, hospital grade with four outlets.
  • White ambidextrous Hypalon gloves.
  • Power requirements 120 Volts 60 Hz.
  • All clamps are adjustable to compensate for wear.
Spec Sheet: