856 Series

Hypoxia Chambers

Automatically controls oxygen, C02, and temperature. Ideal for tumor cell and stem cell research.

Model #856-HYPO, Hypoxia Chamber Glove Box.

This new Hypoxia Chamber Glove Box is ideal for tissue culture work, including tumor cell and stem cell research. It features a color operated "touch screen" for automatically controlling oxygen levels, temperature levels, and carbon dioxide levels.

This new controlled Hypoxia Chamber is available with up to six (6) individually controlled compartments inside the roomy glove box. A side chamber is available for sample preparations and / or a microscope viewing port. Each cubicle has its own temperature, oxygen, and CO2 controls. It also includes a side access door and transfer chamber. Clearly your best choice!


  • 8" Color Panel Touch Screen.
  • Thermoelectric Assembly (Peltier device) O2 Sensor and CO2 sensor.
  • Password protected, configurable PID control.
  • Platinum RTD with sealing gland.
  • One touch, on-screen datalogging.
  • N2, CO2, and O2 gas hook-up.
  • Air circulation fan Inert gas hook-up.
  • Configurable for up to six individually controlled sampling chambers.
  • Ethernet port connection for data logging.
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