Custom Glove Boxes

Custom HEPA Filtered Isolator with additional glove port and side access door.

Glove box with in-house ventilation hook-up, HEPA filtration and goose neck faucets. For use with malaria infected mosquitoes.

Two stainless steel glove boxes with automatic control, blower and HEPA filtration for auto emission studies.

Custom Temperature and Humidity Control.

Two custom ventilated balance enclosures connected to the 830-Series Closed-Loop Containment glove box for diagnostic testing in a mobile application.  Research is using the ventilated balance enclosure for sample prep, testing for inorganic toxicants and solid phase extraction. 

Low moisture packaging glove box included automated rapid purge, humidity monitoring, with integrated RF welder

819-Series "Inegrity" Stainless Steel glove box with optional square transfer chamber. Show with the 800-AS/SPI anti-static ionizer mounted inside. 

The 840-Series Powder Handling Isolator shown with closed-loop double HEPA filtration, oval glove ports, door "Inter-lock" system for safety and the bag-in / bag-out port.  

This custom version of the standard 819-Series stainless steel Integrity glove box was designed for handling pharmaceutical ingredients. The glove box was equipped with an ingress/egress transfer chamber system and double-HEPA filtration.

This double-walled isolator was designed for detecting aerosolized chemicals. An optical port was added to interrogate the aerosol cloud by changing out the type of optical port.

Custom low moisture balance enclosure with closed loop HEPA and Carbon filtration. Custom front access door, bare-hand entry ports and the new "Bright Light" system by Plas-Labs.

Plas-Labs' glove boxes can be equipped with larger transfer chambers to meet your requirements. Access doors and custom chamber sizes are also available.

This 830-Series glove box displays our Closed-Loop Double HEPA Filtration with the transfer chamber on the opposite side of our standard 830-Series. The overall size of the glove box is also completely custom to accommodate the researchers need to place an analytical balance inside. The glove box also features our optional two-piece glove-over-sleeve set up. Plas-Labs is capable of fabricating just about anything you need. Clearly your best choice!

Isolator system consists of four compartments designed for product staging, filling and stopper of vials under a inert, HEPA filtered environment. Each isolator has independent blower/baffle system and the filling isolator includes a scrubber box for removing unwanted odors. In addition, the filling glove box has been equipped with high capacity flow meters, pressure relief valves and multiple gas inlets for rapid purging with an inert gas.

This chamber includes controlled chambers for oxygen, carbon dioxide and temperature for hypoxia research. In addition to the main chamber control, there are six independent conditioning chambers (with oxygen, carbon dioxide, and temperature control) that can be used for long term studies. A microscope chamber (with microscope port) includes oxygen and carbon dioxide control.

Custom 818-GB withVHP connection.

Multiple station chamber coupled with the 830-ABC/SP designed specifically for infectious disease.


Rapid purge down isolator with extra gloves.

Two 818-GBB/SP Chambers with HEPA and charcoal filters for infectious disease studies.

Nanotechnology Temperature and Humidity Controlled System.

Custom isolator for drug processing.

Small portable custom designed glove box for easy transportation.

Tablet Press Isolator.


Positive pressure laminar flow HEPA filtered isolator for pharmaceutical research.

Laminar flow sterility isolator with positive pressure and HEPA filtration.

Drug transfer isolator.