Poultry Isolators

These poultry isolation units are designed to protect, both, your fowl and the personnel from cross contamination. They are ideal for both acute and chronic studies. Because of the integrity of each compartment, multiple species can be housed in the same room if desired. All units are set up for negative pressure operation as a standard arrangement. Positive pressure set up (factory installed) is also available if preferred.

The isolation cubicles are match die-molded of "hi-tech" thermoset plastic that is autoclavable or steam sterilization. Cubicles are warm; absorb sound (quiet) and soft to the touch of various species. The problem of hypothermia is eliminated.

Individual cubicles can be removed from the stainless steel support frame for cleaning if desired. The polycarbonate doors are mounted using "slip-a-part" stainless steel hinges for additional ease when removing for cleaning.

Available sizes

Catalog# FIC-30-1 PIU, Single (1) cubicle, cage size is 30" x 30" x 30" high. (762 x 762 x 762mm high)

Catalog# FIC-30-2 PIU, Double (2) cubicle, cage size 30" x 30" x 30" high. (762 x 762 x 762mm high)

Catalog # FIC-36-1 PIU, Single (1) cubicle, cage size is 36" x 36" x 36" high. (914 mm X 914 mm x 914 mm high)

Catalog # FIC-36-2 PIU, Double (2) cubicle, each cage size is 36" x 36" x 36" high. (914 mm X 914 mm x 914 mm high) NOTE: Overall height of this unit is 82" (2,185mm)

Catalog # FIC-48-1 PIU, Single (1) cubicle, cage size is 36" deep x 48" wide x 36" high. (914 mm deep X 1,220 mm wide x 914 mm high)

Electrical requirements

Any size Poultry Isolation Unit can be set up for either 115-120 Volt operation OR, 220-240 Volts. Please specify your preferred set up.

Watering requirements

The isolation unit is set up to accept your house watering supply system OR, a separate water source on top of the unit. The water hoses are .500" inside diameter (12 mm). NOTE: Young birds that are one or two days old cannot activate the automatic watering cups. You must provide a small watering dish until they are old enough to activate the watering cup levers.

Feeding requirements

The isolation unit includes a stainless steel "gravity fed" feeding unit. The unit will hold about 12 to 14 pounds of feed (5 to 6 Kg) which should last eight to ten days, depending upon the age (size) of the fowl. Feed is introduced via the feed "chute"mounted on the front door.

Filter change over requirements

The isolation unit is set up for negative pressure operation. Cages include two (2) HEPA filters. One each at the air make up inlet and also the exhaust outlet. Pre-filters should be inspected weekly for dirt and "dander" build up. Pre-filters are very inexpensive and should be changed frequently. Pre-filters protect the more expensive HEPA filters. Both the pre-filters and main HEPA filters can be changed from out side the cage in just a few moments.

Waste pan change out

Each FIC-36 isolation unit includes one (1) waste pan. The FIC-48 includes two (2) pans. Pans are easily removed by opening the lower "trap door" and pulling out the pan. SUGGESTION: It is useful to have one extra waste pan on hand as back up when cleaning the primary pan. Order catalog #FIC-36-P.


  • Autoclavable or steam cleaning.
  • Automatic stainless steel feeding system and watering system.
  • HEPA filtration system.
  • Interior "Red" light.
  • Quick and easy waste pan change over.
  • Rounded corners for easy cleaning.
  • Individual cubicle controls.
  • Nine (9) square feet of floor space per cubicle.