Animal Care & Research

The Plas-Labs 530-POR, Bowman Style Rodent Restrainer has been re-engineered and refined.
The Plas-Labs Feret restrainer is a modifed version of a similar device.
Plas-Labs surgery boards are formed of one piece high-temp NorylTM for durability and ease.
Surgery Exam Table
Plas-Labs now offers a new Battery Operated Surgical-Exam Table.
These clear acrylic restrainers provide complete visual awareness and status of your valuable ani
Plas-Labs has a twenty-five year tradition of offering effective, easy to use rodent restrainers.
These poultry isolation units are designed to protect, both, your fowl and the personnel.
Plas-Labs has re-engineered its ICUs to eliminate the periodic need for refrigerant re-charging.
Plas-Labs has been a leading manufacturer of primate chairs for over 35 years.
Plas-Labs now offers an "Illuminated Rodent Tail Vein Injection Cone".
FIC units protect your animals and personnel from cross-contamination.
Simple to Use and Inexpensive for the Budget Minded Investigator.
Plas-Labs Rabbit Restrainers provide total observation of your valuable research animal.
Plas-Labs Anesthesia Chambers are available in four (4) standard sizes.